A Thanksgiving Message from Dr. Brent

Most know by now that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  We had it early this year due to a trip ironically to Turkey.  I am excited to be with our licensee and good friend Akin and share the Polestar Experience … Continue reading “A Thanksgiving Message from Dr. Brent”

Gratitude and the Heart Chakra

It seems like yesterday that I wrote the Thanksgiving letter for 2015. This year I have traveled to many different parts of the world only to find more amazing people, great food and love.  I am so grateful for the … Continue reading “Gratitude and the Heart Chakra”

How Imagery Changes the Way We Move

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought.  The mind is everything, what we think, we become.” – Buddha Recalling a happy moment in your life can bring feelings of joy, as reminiscing on a challenging … Continue reading “How Imagery Changes the Way We Move”

Modern Day Healthcare, Week 6: Work Discipline

Work Discipline… what is it?  It’s about efficiency and accountability in the work place.  That’s my interpretation. I am Russell Goldman, General Manager of our Flagship Polestar Center.  Believe it or not, I am not a Pilates Instructor and do not … Continue reading “Modern Day Healthcare, Week 6: Work Discipline”

Modern Day Healthcare, Week 1: Exercise and Movement

This is part of a 12-week series about Modern Day Healthcare. To see the first post, click here. ———————————— Spontaneous, natural and efficient movement has become the new trend in exercise. As the baby boomer generation ages, movement forms like … Continue reading “Modern Day Healthcare, Week 1: Exercise and Movement”

Perception of Movement Influences our Health

I recently listened to a great lecture by Sharon Kolkka in New Zealand about the “Biology of Perception.”  Her delivery and content really made me reflect on my own teaching style and effectiveness.  For years I have been interested in … Continue reading “Perception of Movement Influences our Health”