Discovering Pilates’ meaning of Whole Body Health at The Polestar Experience

We are excited to announce a special edition of The Polestar Experience happening in Miami, FL on January 26-28, 2018! Joseph Pilates wrote that Whole Body Health could be achieved through exercise, proper diet, sufficient sleep, good hygiene, plenty of … Continue reading “Discovering Pilates’ meaning of Whole Body Health at The Polestar Experience”

Working with Scoliosis Clients

Scoliosis is one of the most stubborn, abundant disorders in growing children and teens. The good news is that Pilates professionals can help ease the pain scoliosis sufferers experience through movement. The question is, how does one go about helping someone find … Continue reading “Working with Scoliosis Clients”

Pilates, Scoliosis, and the Schroth Method

With so many Pilates courses teaching prescriptive exercises for clients with scoliosis, you would imagine there is a magnitude of supportive research behind them. While there are plenty of studies on prevention of curve progression in adolescents using bracing and … Continue reading “Pilates, Scoliosis, and the Schroth Method”

How to make sure your clients do their homework

Necessity is the mother of all invention. When Daniel Vledata needed a way to make sure his clients were practicing their at home exercises safely and correctly he invented the Oov. The Oov is a unique alternative to foam rollers … Continue reading “How to make sure your clients do their homework”

Pilates for Every Body

After earning my Bachelor’s degree in Dance and Movement Education, I was interested in studying Pilates as the next step in my career.  Unfortunately, my first Pilates teacher training program turned me off to Pilates completely.  My body didn’t fit … Continue reading “Pilates for Every Body”

How Imagery Changes the Way We Move

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought.  The mind is everything, what we think, we become.” – Buddha Recalling a happy moment in your life can bring feelings of joy, as reminiscing on a challenging … Continue reading “How Imagery Changes the Way We Move”