The Polestar Experience in Hadley

The Polestar® Experience is coming to Hadley, MA, to empower you to take your health into your own hands through self-reflection and awareness. This event will be presented by Polestar founder, Dr. Brent Anderson, and is hosted by Mill 180 Park and The Pilates Studio in Hadley.

Polestar Pilates has been on the cutting edge of health and movement science since its inception in 1992. Brent Anderson, PhD, PT, OCS, PMA®-CPT, founder of Polestar Pilates®, will share his knowledge and experience in a more intimate setting. This experience will offer personal discovery, interactive discussions, observations, healing and experiential learning.  It is designed for both practitioners and the public alike who would like to make a difference in their lives.

Schedule at a Glance

Saturday May 6th:

2:00-4:30p – Interactive Case Study: Grand Rounds at The Pilates Studio in Hadley 
Dr. Brent enjoys collaborating with groups of movement professionals to solve the mystery of real clients. Participants will interact with Dr. Brent with a live client session from start to finish.  Discover Polestar’s unique problem solving steps from “Polestar Assessment Skills”, including initial interview, assessment, program design, execution of the program and retesting to see if we made a difference.  This event has often been reported as being one of the favorite Polestar events offered.  This intimate session has limited space. 40 people

7:00-9:00p – Lecture: Dr. Brent Uncensored at Mill 180 Park.
Dr. Brent Uncensored is a fun interactive lecture demo designed for the movement professionals, movement enthusiasts and individuals that believe they should be moving.  Dr. Brent will share a simple life-changing concept. Discover the healthy you with a perfect mixture of science, movement and emotion.

Sunday May 7th:

8:00-9:00a – Master Mat Class 
Enjoy a fun-filled, energetic movement experience that caters to all levels of movers.  Participate in Dr. Brent’s unique interpretation of Pilates exercises and connect harmoniously with a large group like a flock of birds.   Discover the positive energy associated with a successful movement experience that exceeds your expectations.

9:30-12:30p – Workshop: Sitting is the New Smoking: breaking the habit of a sedentary lifestyle. 
It is time to increase the public’s awareness of the pathologies of sitting.  Dr. Brent will take you through the steps of human development and where we have gone astray in our social expectations in school, work and home.  Learn easy steps to overcome the negativity of sitting.  Sitting is a greater part of our life now than it was 100 years ago when Joseph Pilates developed Contrology.  Let’s take a careful look at what exercises in the existing Pilates repertoire can battle the effects of prolonged sitting.  Lastly, Dr. Brent will discuss the aspect of client behavior outside of the studio or clinic and how to successfully coach behavior change and avoid getting stuck sitting.

12:30-2:00p LUNCH BREAK (lunch is not provided)
2:00-5:00p – Polestar, the Modern Day Painkiller: Polestar’s simple formula to pain relief through movement.
This workshop will focus on the latest science of pain and pain modulation.  Dr. Brent will expand on how Pilates’ movement experiences can actually modulate pain perception and the physiology and blood chemistry of the brain and body.   Dr. Brent will teach the use of language, movement and perception as tools to reduce pain.  Discover how through Pilates you can access your internal medicine cabinet

Mill 180 Park is a truly modern park, boasting locations from London to Tokyo. By using hydroponics, computerized sound, and HVAC systems, we’ve brought the outside in, surrounding our visitors with green space and a remarkable sense of the natural world.

The Pilates Studio in Hadley provides expert instruction in private and small-group sessions as well as Group Mat and Apparatus Classes. The Pilates Studio creates goal-based programs that empower clients to increase strength and flexibility as well as improve posture, coordination, and balance. These programs can relieve pain, aid in injury prevention and recovery, create functional strength, and improve lives.


Full weekend: may 6-7: regular price $625

Full day admission to all events on May 6th and 7th: Lecture, interactive Case study, master-class, 2 workshops and evening presenter.

  • Early Bird, until April 10th: 450$
  • Interactive case study. 150$
  • Lecture: 50$
  • Masterclass; 75$
  • Workshop: 150$

“If someone wishes for good health, one must first ask oneself if he is ready to do away with the reasons for his illness. Only then is it possible to help him.” – Hippocrates. Let’s come together to change our perspectives on health.


2 Replies to “The Polestar Experience in Hadley”

  1. Sounds absolutely wonderful! Had the sublime pleasure of attending Dr Brent’s “Sitting is the New Smoking”, “Pilates, The Modern Day Pill for Pain”, and also participated in one of his mat classes at the Conscious Movement Conference hosted in South Africa in 2016.
    I wish I lived closer to learn more from Dr Brent Anderson! I just love Polestar Pilates – it changes your life in incredible ways.
    Super jealous of you all in Hadley MA!
    Enjoy every moment.
    Greetings always from a sunny Cape Town,

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