The Earth Shook and the Winds Blew!

Two hurricanes and two earthquakes in one month seems relentless. Our hearts go out to those in Texas, Mexico, Florida, Puerto Rico and many of the Caribbean Islands. This is a time that we need to unify in faith and hope no matter what their religion, race, ethnicity, or socio-economic status. We can learn the true meaning of loving our neighbors. I have been touched by the thousands of people who have allocated time, resources, blood, sweat and tears in the hope to make the pain less for their neighbors who have suffered more than they have.

I’ve had the chance to go down to the Florida Keys a couple of times now, with hundreds of others through the organization “Mormon Helping Hands” or as many of the locals called them, “the Angels wearing yellow shirts.” As hard as the work is to clear out mud, cut trees, remove debris and get dehydrated in Florida’s unforgiving sun, the tears and smiles of the people being helped is priceless. Compassion and service is the most amazing formula for happiness and peace. The joy we felt serving our neighbors was at times overwhelming. It put strength back into my arms and hands, and power into my legs and feet and allowed me to work beyond my normal capacity. It puts a smile on my face every time I feel an ache in my buttocks, back or shoulders muscles. Knowing I helped someone in more need than I was, took away the losses I perceived in my own life. I am grateful for the opportunity that Mother Earth gives us to re-evaluate our priorities and realize how important it is that we all have a chance to help our fellow beings unconditionally.

One man we visited in the lower keys lost his home. It was completely blown off of the foundation. He lived by himself, was elderly and had lived there according to his son for almost 50 years. As we found many of his valuables in the mud surrounding the house, remove trees and debris, you could see the sense of hope returning to his eyes. He had a long road ahead of him to rebuild his house, but the 30 yellow shirts on his property let him know that God loves him and is very aware of his needs.

I am thankful for the miracles that occur all around us and especially the ones that I can participate in. I know it sounds a little selfish and maybe it is, but the more we serve unconditionally the happier we are. Test the formula and share your story.

Dr. Brent will be discussing the topic of natural disasters and violence and how to come together during these times in the next Pilates Hour webinar. You may join the conversation on October 19th by clicking here.

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