Polestar Life Story: Ana Smylie

Change is the longest process a person undertakes. At no point in your life do you ever stop. Ana Smylie, a passionate teacher and Polestar® instructor, knows this too well as she has made several life-changing decisions.

In the past, Ana was unable to perform a number of basic tasks comfortably as a result of a number of health conditions. Among them included her bout with Influenza-A that brought on pneumonia, thyroidal issues, and a battle with depression from age 12. The Pneumonia introduced liquids and other infiltrates into her lungs, making the act of a simple, deep breath a chore. She recounts that her recovery was like having been locked in a windowless room and stepping outside for the first time, suddenly realizing what was missing in life. She sought out a way to ease her troubles, if only by a tiny amount.

The sad thing is that you don’t even realize when your breath is stifled; it becomes evident when you begin to recover the naturalness, ease and awareness.

Looking for solutions, she thought first on Yoga, but decided to choose Pilates; Ana set out to try this interesting new method. After a while, Ana decided to move forward, and took the Polestar Comprehensive education. Ana rose to the challenge, not only for herself, but also to make a statement. She wanted to show people that pills and surgeries were not the only options for better health.

At the Polestar Comprehensive course Ana met a lifelong friend, Rafa Dominguez; he was teaching one of the course modules. He recognised in her the drive to continue on this path without making assumptions based on her medical history. Ana started practising Pilates at Rafa’s studio and Together they built an exercise routine she could be successful with. Ana held steadfast to her drive and reached her goals that Pilates helped to facilitate. She and Rafa remained close and she now teaches in his studio, Pilates I Mas, after completing and graduating from the Polestar program.

Ana had previously suffered from a number of health conditions that she has tackled with the help of Pilates. Her hormonal imbalances, posture, recovery time, and even the onset of type 2 diabetes were halted by her new regimen. The sad thing is that you don’t even realize when your breath is stifled; it becomes evident when you begin to recover the naturalness, ease and awareness” she says.

When asked how Pilates has changed her life, she gave an interesting answer. “I’m very fortunate. It is not easy, but with ‘patience and persistence’ (as J. Pilates said), it is possible and worth it”. This change of mindset was essential to her transformation and fostered her new outlook on life. Since her training with Rafa, their friendship has strengthened. She now occasionally teaches at the Pilates I Mas Studio with him.

We are very proud of Ana and all of our Polestar family members who are overcoming the most difficult of odds. We encourage you to continue even when you’ve lost motivation, mentally and physically.

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