Pilates in a New Light with Clara the Elf

Clara the Elf has been busy working all year to get ready for the holidays, but it hasn’t stopped her from getting some Pilates into her routine. When you can’t make it to a session, DVDs and online videos are great ways to keep moving. Here are some ways Clara has been squeezing in her Pilates:

For the Novice/New to Polestar:

Clara practicing her PilatesFor those seeking to see Pilates in a new light, Mat Pilates is a great way to start. Since you don’t need any equipment, these classes can be done anywhere. If you have a client who doesn’t know where to start, the Gateway exercise material is built with 4 different workouts, each class getting harder as you progress. These are available online and on DVD (please note that our store only ships to US and Canada).

The Mat Pilates repertoire is a much larger library, with over 30 exercises included in this set. This is great if you want to learn the exercises through the Polestar lens. This is now available online!

If you are interested in the Gateway concepts and would like a refresher on your Pilates History, you can also check out Gateway Online. This is only available online.

Mat/ Gateway Libraries:

Gateway Online with 4 Gateway Classes: English / Español


For the Pilates Instructor:

If you or whoever you are shopping for knows their way around equipment and has not gone through the Polestar program, they would certainly enjoy our Comprehensive Pilates library. It’s packed with over 150 traditional and evolved Pilates exercises, and are taught using the Polestar methodology. For recent students and graduates, the material is included in the series, but if you took the series before 2012 and would like to watch the exercises from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection, this would be perfect for you!

We also have our Reformer Pilates repertoire available exclusively on DVD.


For the curious or rehabilitation practitioner:

Clara and Joself ready to m(oov)e

Have you been curious about the Oov, but couldn’t make it to any of the courses this year? We’ve got an online component that will answer your questions! The Oov online component  discusses the background of the oov, and basic positioning and sizing of the oov. This is a more in-depth look at the device for those interesting in learning more, whether you own an oov or not! If you would also like an oov, they are available on the Balanced Body website.

We also have a case study available. All of the oov materials are digital.


We hope this gives you a few ideas for the holidays. Remember to get moving before Clara takes your spot!

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