Pilates Community Challenge

I’d like to put a challenge out to the world of Pilates teachers from all schools in all countries. As our profession is young and small, we are nowhere close to saturation. Let’s allow ourselves to be reminded of Joe and Clara’s vision of making Pilates available to everyone in order to truly bring peace and healing to the world. Not making Pilates a household name is only a lack of creativity on how to infiltrate the work and philosophy of Joseph and Clara Pilates into more diverse communities and populations. My recent travels in the USA have reminded me of how easily we can come together and continue to make Joe and Clara’s vision a reality.

Two weeks ago I was in Provo, Utah, dropping my daughter off at BYU when I saw a Hummer that was advertising Pilates. I was free that afternoon, so I followed it and ended up at Studio Physique Pilates: the owner is James Urianza. I could tell immediately that his studio was classical by the Gratz equipment: I could tell by looking through the window that he had a few clients and I entered anyway, and I was really glad I did. I really enjoyed James taking time out of his busy day to tell me about his history and training with Romana and Mari Windsor. I discovered that we had much more in common and knew many of the same people. I found out that we both were from California and both attended BYU. His long-term clients swore by him and by Pilates and it made me proud of my profession. I now have a new Pilates colleague in Provo and I hope we can continue to develop a strong professional and social relationship over the years.

I was so happy to be visiting, exchanging information about our personal lives and simply socializing. Pilates has created such an amazing family all around the world. It seems wherever I go, there is always a Polestar graduate anxious to spend some time together and Pilates teachers and studios from other schools that I have yet to meet who are so kind and receptive. Occasionally I hear horror stories of Pilates teachers in some of our communities not playing nicely in the sandbox, however I am even more impressed with how often I hear how well Polestar Graduates play in everyone’s sandbox. I wanted to personally thank all of you in the Polestar family for emulating Polestar’s values of collaboration with all schools and teachers. I have never had a meeting with colleagues where I did not learn something new.

Here are a few suggestions on how to continue to share the Pilates message:

  1. Host an open house inviting fellow graduates of Polestar as well as other schools. Have light refreshments and create a social event that focuses on commonalities.
  2. Go and introduce yourself to new Pilates teachers in the community. Visit their studios and take a class from them. Be gracious and identify at least 3 things to take away to improve your practice.
  3. Make a goal to attend one major professional event this year to network, be enriched and energized.
  4. Volunteer to teach at a not-for-profit organization once a month.

I guarantee that if you do any of the above you will be invigorated in your practice. Let me know how it goes.


Dr. Brent

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  1. Thank you Brent for this timely reminder, The Pilates Teacher Association conference in the Isle of Man brought together our members from many brands including Polestar . The focus was to honour Joseph and Clara, the method and the distinct lineages who have added to the work, Collaboration, co-operation and setting clear standards was at the heart of our 4 days, We hope that this will continue

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