Marketing Your Studio for the Holidays

December is a month full of holidays. Besides schedules, it’s a hectic time for a Pilates studio: clients are frantically buying last-minute gifts, going to Christmas dinners with friends and family and leaving their Pilates regimens flapping in the wind. It’s time to take action and look for proposals and incentives that will not only hold your clients to their sessions but also gain you new ones.

With this intention, we offer some ideas for your Christmas campaign. While for some sectors Christmas is an opportunity to increase its profits, in others, these holidays are a break. Planning a good Christmas marketing campaign can make the difference.

Holidays = Gift Time!

The holiday season is better known as the season of gifts. No one, regardless of age, wants to be left out during the gift-giving season. At times, however, this exchange feels more like an obligation than a pleasure. Any proposal that is imaginative aims to help the person searching for a gift make a better and more meaningful selection for the person they love. Having gift cards or gift packages in your Pilates studio is an opportunity for your customers to find the perfect gift. This two-fold formula encourages sales from your client base and simultaneously expands it to new people who will be eager to try your offer!

Holiday Excess, The Perfect Excuse

roast-dinner-clipart-i8ukfv-clipartDuring the festivities no one is counting calories; fatty and sugary foods are all the rage. This is the perfect excuse to offer your clients detox sessions or to incorporate other types of services in your center that help them control that indulgent intake of calories and carbohydrates. A well-inspired talk from a nutritionist may be a valuable addition to your studio regimen or package offer. After all, Pilates seeks to help people feel better and these types of activities are very useful to learn to compensate for Christmas excesses.

Christmas and holiday marketing tools for your Pilates business

To make the most of this time of year, you will need to deploy all the marketing tools you have at your disposal. The main thing here is to establish effective contact with the consumer. For this companies often invest in advertising to gain greater visibility and put pressure on potential customers. However, not all companies have a budget for advertising. In these cases, you can resort to other forms of marketing. Here are some alternative methods that are cheaper but also effective and that you can use to promote your Pilates studio for Christmas:

  • Mail or or site promotions by the area of the Pilates Studio.
  • E-mail to your database (including active clients, those who unsubscribed and of course, the people who once asked you for information in the center).
  • Brochures in the center, located a visible area so your clients can see them and can catch them when they go to their Pilates sessions.
  • Product placement- placing gift products in a visible area in the studio, for example, under the Christmas tree or the Easter flowers.

Having the message clear is also very important to encourage sales during the holiday season. It is a special moment of the year, so you should look for a slogan with hook that transmits the Christmas spirit and is related to the services (or products) promoted. For example: “Pilates: at Christmas more than ever”, “Give to those you wish health and well-being”, “Give Pilates for a happy new year with good posture” … The options are endless.

Do Not Forget to Make Your Studio Packages

giftsGift packs are a wonderful solution to give away at Christmas, and are understood to be promotions though sometimes quite costly. The strategy of having packages that include more products for a lower price usually works very well. You can make add-on packs that include extra Pilates  sessions, exercise supplements, physical therapy, lesson bonuses, Pilates studio t-shirts/non-slip socks, etc. Don’t be afraid to be festive; a special packaging style will greatly benefit your sales. Place these packages in the reception of your Pilates studio so everyone can see them.

Christmas is a time of excess in which the tendency is to consume leisure and purchase products that are not consumed regularly, so it is an ideal time of year to attract new customers and to thank the loyalty of your regular customers with special offers and benefits.

What do you do in your Pilates studio to take advantage of the holiday season?


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