Gratitude after Hurricaine Irma

Living in Paradise through kindness

Dear friends and family of Polestar,

We want to express a deep sense of gratitude for the thousands of prayers and well wishes we have received in response to Hurricane Irma and the destruction that was in her path.  We are very relieved that our losses were primarily ones of convenience.  Polestar’s offices and centers are all open, have electricity and water.  We are still down with our internet and email abilities.  Many of us are still without running water and electricity in Miami.  All of Polestar’s employees and all of our clients are healthy and well.  Many of you know Shake-A-Leg-Miami, a charitable organization that Polestar HQ has been deeply involved in for years.  SALM was affected by Irma and lost all three docks and a couple of sail boats have irreparable damage.

Polestar shares gratitude after Irma HurricaineI was worried as we were preparing for the eye of a Category 5 hurricane to pass over Polestar headquarters, and wondered if Polestar could survive such a blow.  I had a deep confirmation that Polestar was not about internet, electricity or any temporal possession other than maybe our health.  It truly is about relationships, knowledge, beliefs, faith and love, which cannot be taken away by torments, earthquakes, poverty or even death.  We were lucky that we did not see the eye of a category 5 hurricane, but many others did.  Our prayers go out to them.

The infrastructure of Florida, Texas, Georgia and the Caribbean have certainly been challenged and will probably take months if not years to return to normal.  Many who have been in the path of Irma and Harvey have experienced flooding, loss of homes, cars, possessions and in some cases life.  Our hearts go out to our fellow human beings who have been affected by these natural disasters.  

As I reflected on these disasters this week, I realized how many people in our world suffer with these challenges every day of their lives.  They don’t have a home, running water or any of the 1st world luxuries we often take for granted.  I remember a song by India Aire where she talks about a blind man living in the favelas in Brazil.  She was complaining of 1st world politics and challenges, and he touched her when he said “baby, my life here is paradise”.  I think we all need to take a moment and reflect on how amazing our lives are even in times of challenge like these, and believe that we live in paradise.  It would even be more impressive if we were moved at times like this to volunteer our time, resources and knowledge to help our neighbors.  

Please share your experiences of how you have helped or been helped by the kindness of others to experience a piece of paradise.

In harmony and health,

Dr. Brent 

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  1. So pleased to hear you are all well. Your expert work in the studio is a shining star for uplifting your neighbors’ Body, Mind and Spirit that will help to deal with the stress and difficulties. Peace.

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