Discovering Pilates’ meaning of Whole Body Health at The Polestar Experience

We are excited to announce a special edition of The Polestar Experience happening in Miami, FL on January 26-28, 2018!

Joseph Pilates wrote that Whole Body Health could be achieved through exercise, proper diet, sufficient sleep, good hygiene, plenty of sunshine and fresh air, and a balance in life of work, recreation and relaxation. Pulling from Joseph’s important work, Dr. Brent has created the Polestar Life Essentials to measure how balanced our lives truly are.

“With body, mind, and spirit functioning perfectly as a coordinated whole, what else could reasonably be expected other than an active, alert, disciplined person?”

— Joseph Pilates, Return to Life p. 17

The Polestar Experience is an intimate three-day conference designed to explore exciting possibilities in the new and vibrant paradigm of health and awareness. This experience will offer personal discovery, interactive discussions, observation, healing and experiential learning. It is specifically designed for those who are interested in making a difference in themselves and others.

Dr. Brent Anderson will lead the event with his leading lecture to introduce the Polestar Life Essentials. International senior Educators, Juan Nieto and Alexander Bohlander, as well as Nutritionist Dr. John Lewis, will share their knowledge on specific essentials to create a comprehensive look into these concepts. The Master Classes, led by Dr. Brent, Shelly Power, and Christi Idavoy, will bring the concepts together through the use of movement.

“If you will faithfully follow the instructions, beginning with the introductory lesson, you will without doubt acquire correct physical fitness with proper mental control.”

— Joseph Pilates, Return to Life p.17


Weekend Schedule


7-11p • Experience Dr. Brent, Uncensored
(2.5 PMA CEUs awarded)
Hear, see, taste, smell, and feel the future of your health! Experience the Polestar Essentials.

Are you ready to reclaim your health and joy? Dr. Brent will share a simple concept that is life changing. Discover the healthy you with a perfect mixture of science, movement and emotion.


8-9a • Master Mat Class with Shelly Power, + Christi Idavoy
(1 PMA CEU awarded)
Join Christi and Shelly to fuel your spirit, nurture your soul and open your mind. Explore new ways to move your body and the balance between effort, ease and efficiency. Please remember to bring your own mat!

9:30a-12:30p • Morning Workshops
2:30-5:30p • Afternoon Workshops

Choose between Nutrition, Mindfulness, and Movement workshops for each time slot:
(3 PMA CEUs awarded per workshop)

NUTRITION // Optimal Health through Nutrition and Dietary Supplementation with Dr. John Lewis
Learn how most of the significant killers of mankind today are inherently linked to poor and improper nutrition, as nutrition is the overall number one modifiable risk factor for chronic disease. You will discover how to enhance your health through your nutrition and dietary habits from a plant-based, whole-food perspective. You will receive strategies to improve your daily regimen that are simple and straightforward. Finally, you will also learn about how dietary supplements are not only important, but essential, as part of your daily nutrition routine to enhance your well-being, particularly for those people with a health challenge, with an exciting discussion into some of the research that Dr. Lewis has published over the last 15 years.

MINDFULNESS // Body-Mind-Soul: 3 Steps Toward Change with Alexander Bohlander
In this workshop developed by Alexander Bohlander, you will be taken on a journey of personal development through:

  • Pilates exercises selected to help you focus and find the center of your physical body
  • Fascial release maneuvers to free your emotional body
  • Silence in meditation to connect to your universal body

Movement, laughter, love, peace, and power will be the guiding elements on this 3-hour journey.

MOVEMENT // The Human Right to Move with Juan Nieto
Let Juan Nieto, founder of Runity, take you on a journey beyond the Pilates exercises, emphasizing the ability to squat, jump and run the way Joseph Pilates intended. Participants will be challenged to take the principles of movement learned in their Pilates training and apply them to play, sport and recreation. Challenge yourselves to move in ways you have only dreamed, and discover the human’s right to move!


8-9a • Master Mat Class with Dr. Brent
(1 PMA CEU awarded)
Enjoy a fun-filled, energetic movement experience that caters to all levels of movers. Participate in Dr. Brent’s unique interpretation of Pilates exercises and connect harmoniously with a large group like a flock of birds. Discover the positive energy associated with a successful movement experience that exceeds your expectations. Please remember to bring your own mat!

9:30a-12:30p: Mapping your Journey to Health, Peace and Joy with Dr. Brent Anderson- featuring Dr. John Lewis, Alexander Bohlander, and Juan Nieto
(3 PMA CEUs awarded)
Let Anderson take you on a journey! Map out your step by step journey to improved health, peace and joy and discover a new understanding of your personal well-being. Participants will work together to create a strategy to prioritize and incorporate the Polestar Life Essentials, inspired by Joseph Pilates, into their daily lives.

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