A Holiday Message from Brent

Happy Holidays!

During our holiday party at Polestar, I was able to share my thoughts and reflections of the past year and my hopes for the years to come.  I know many of us have experienced beautiful events like weddings, babies, health and love.  Many of us at the same time have experienced major challenges, like hurricanes, fires, earthquakes, loss of loved ones and health challenges.  This reflection of past and projection of future made me appreciate how important NOW is.  I have recently been reading a book by Robert H. Lustig, MD called The Hacking of the American Mind.  He starts off the book talking about the biochemistry of pleasure and happiness.  He writes about how pleasure is a very temporary dopamine response to reward, coming from things like sugar, coffee, drugs, sex, money, ego, etc.  Happiness, on the other hand, is about contentment and is more associated with the biochemistry related to serotonin.  We have all heard that peace and happiness are more about acceptance and unconditional love.  Heaven knows how many people we all know that have everything money can buy and are not happy.  

One of the key principles of Polestar is alignment; not just alignment of the body, but alignment of the mind and spirit as well.  When we teach physical alignment with the intention that it will influence mental and spiritual alignment, we often observe a heightened awareness of self.  I believe that this basic and natural heightened awareness is a state of happiness.  It is not dependent upon any external stimulus or material object.  

When we have a heightened awareness of self we often experience a heightened awareness of how our actions, thoughts and decisions affect others, and only then do we get a glimpse of our soul. Are we of a serving mindset with compassion for our fellow beings?  Do we seek to understand others before seeking to be understood?  Do we look at all fellow human beings as if they are us and we are them?  Our world is filled unfortunately with many who are driven by selfish motives, power, greed and ego. I believe we have a responsibility to be conscious and aware of our impact on others.  We have the opportunity to touch so many lives, be it through alignment teaching, service for others or showing unconditional love to others in our path.  It is my prayer and hope this holiday season, and every day, that we can enjoy more of our lives being present and be a strong force for the betterment of humanity.   

In warmth and love,

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